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Karen was a “military brat” and is no stranger to moving around. Born a Yankee in Massachusetts, she lived mostly in the Rebel South and so, she thinks of herself as a “Yebel.” In 1987, Karen moved to Central PA where she worked as a medical secretary while raising three children.

Her children raised and on their own, Karen became restless and hit the open road as a Class A CDL carrying, over-the-road truck driver. This brought her to the Poconos where she met and married Michael, also a trucker. The Dodges bought an old farmhouse with a few acres in Kunkletown which they now call Pohopoco Acres, after the Pohopoco Creek which runs through the property.

Karen continued driving truck full time while helping her husband begin his real estate career, then began her own real estate career, becoming licensed in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In her life, Karen’s home has changed over thirty times. Finally settling down in Pohopoco Acres, Karen has realized her life-long dream of finding her own “forever home.” Helping others find their “forever home” is now her passion.


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