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We are proud members of the Pocono Mountains & Lehigh Valley (MLS) Multiple Listing Service(s)! What this means is, we can show you any home that is available for sale and it doesn’t matter who it is advertised with!

All REALTORS® can show you any home that is listed for sale, what separates our fulltime real estate professionals is our industry, market, product knowledge, and communications skill set.

BEFORE YOU COMMIT… we invite you to view our brief home buying video that will explain the skill set that your REALTOR® should have before you hire them

Whether you will be purchasing a home with cash or financing it, the foundation of a home purchase exists in how it is going to be funded.
One of the ways that you can avoid wasting time, resources, and falling in love with a home that may not meet the criteria of your financial needs is to talk with a home lending professional to explore the financial opportunities that are available to you in the Pocono Mountain area and get pre qualified or pre-approved.

What is the difference between Pre-Qualified and Pre-Approved?

Pre-Qualified: The process where your credit may or may not be run and based on verbal information, your lender gives you a document that states what type of mortgage you would be approved for when the information that you gave to them is confirmed.

Pre-Approval: A pre-approval holds more value than a pre-qualification. A pre-approval goes beyond a credit report and verifies your employment & residency information and preliminarily approves you for a mortgage conditioned on the home you are buying meets all appraisal and underwriting criteria.

When you get pre-approved, you…

  • Discover how much home you can afford and what your monthly payment will be
  • Strengthen your purchasing power; by displaying how serious you are to a Seller
  • Increase your negotiation ability by exhibiting eagerness to close
  • Eliminate doubt on what location(s) and price range to explore
  • Are made aware what TOTAL funds you will need to close BOTH closing costs AND deposit monies.

Money Saving Tips…

  • When shopping around for the financing options don’t forget to compare the lending institutions rate AND closing costs.
  • Use a Pennsylvania lender. A lender that is familiar with local real estate values and geographic under writing processes can simplify your mortgage process
  • Ask if the lender has a CLOSING GUARANTEE

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