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Dominick J. Sacci

Broker/Owner | [email protected]

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Dominick J. Sacci, Broker/Owner
Pocono Mountains Real Estate, Inc.
Pocono Mountains Property Management, LLC.

Dominick has been a resident of the Pocono Mountains since 1988, his family relocated from central New Jersey when he was only 12 years old. He watched his step-father, a successful investor in NJ real estate, buy, sell, and manage properties over the hood of the family Buick.

After being reunited (after almost 20 years) with the “Sacci” side of his family, Dom learned that his uncle David was a loan officer, his Uncle Anthony owned “Sacci Property Management”, his Godfather John was a REALTOR® and Teacher, and his father Martin Dominick Sacci was an investor. You can say it was destiny for Dominick to be successful in the real estate industry.

Dom has been a licensed REALTOR® since 1994, he was eighteen years old. When he started, he had been home schooled from the age of 10 and, for years, had a fifth grade education (on paper) until attending Northampton Community College to pursue a degree in Business Management. His inspiration to enter the field was born out of the need for a flexible schedule. He was pursuing the arts-through dance, live theater, painting, writing and composing music-when his step-father suggested real estate. Dominick lifted a kerosene heater one cold Pocono December morning-before leaving for his audition for Walt Disney World in Florida – and sustained a sprain that originated in his neck and extended down to his lower back. He spent the next year and a half getting back into “dance shape”. By 1997, after coming off of a crashing vacation market, the real estate market in the Pocono Mountains had stabilized and started to show signs of recovery.

While being a successful award winning REALTOR®, Dom showed early signs of leadership, and the Owner of the company that he was working for took notice. Sacci transitioned from a salesperson to President of the largest real estate company in Northeast Pennsylvania before he was 36 years old. He went from looking up to the company’s leadership to redefining and becoming the face of it.

Dominick has always been committed to giving back to his community. He has served on numerous Pocono Mountain Association of Realtors committees, been a guest columnist for the Pocono Business Journal and contributed time, donations, and fundraising support to numerous organizations.

Before he met his wife and they were blessed with 2 children, Dominick lived to work; now he works to live. His family reminds him of the importance of balance in life and why it is so important to enjoy what he works so hard for. Dominick says… “Success in life isn’t just business. I appraise my success at work by how many times a family says “Thank You for helping us” and at home when my family says “I love you”.

He contributes his early success to…“Understanding that the foundation of our business lies in families and their dreams. Let’s be honest, we are dealing with what is the largest investment that most consumers will make in their lifetime, you should respect and be honored to be a part of that. I am thrilled to be out of operations and back into sales. I am good at what I do. I obviously like to make people happy. I Love, what I do and wouldn’t change a thing”.

Currently, Dominick J. Sacci is the proud Owner/Broker of Pocono Mountains Real Estate, Inc. and Pocono Mountains Property Management, LLC. which serve the Pocono Mountains region.


  • Pocono Mountains Real Estate, Inc. specializes in enhanced customer service to its clients and customers. We believe that our greatest resource is you, the consumer. We provide each consumer with an enjoyable, professional and ethical experience with the hopes that they will be inspired to proudly refer us to one of their friends or family members..

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