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Jill was born in Staten Island, New York, and moved to the Brodheadsville area at the age of 2. She graduated from Pleasant Valley High School in 2000. Her family has had numerous businesses in the local area since the early ’80s. Jill was involved with her family’s businesses from a young age and has a vast knowledge of the area. Besides her customer service skills from years of retail work, she can also operate small machinery and has a welding certificate from Monroe County Vo Tech.

She now resides 2 blocks from the home she grew up in. Jill lives with her wonderful husband and their 3 amazing sons. In her spare time when she isn’t going to t-ball, soccer, art lessons or basketball, she enjoys mowing the lawn, gardening with her husband, and doing home renovations. She bought her first home at 20 years old; she spent several years improving her home before selling it to move to a larger home. She has helped her family flip houses and enjoys the process of making things beautiful again.

Jill has always had an interest in the real estate field and decided it was time to take the leap to become a Realtor when she wanted a change of pace from her life in the retail industry. After meeting Dominick at her oldest sons’ baseball game and getting to know him when she started her real estate journey she knew he and Sylwia would be a great asset to her success. She is hardworking and driven and likes to make sure everything is perfect. She is very excited to help you sell your home or make your dreams of owning your own home a reality.


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