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Laurentiu D. Babu

About Me


Laurentiu Babu was born in the eastern European country of Romania. He came to the United States at the age of 21 and like many immigrants settled in the cosmopolitan New York City where he could find people of the same nationality and at the same time make new friends. The famously hectic life of New York kept Larry busy with work, college and exploring many of the things big city life has to offer. While in college he married his wife Simona. After graduation, they settled in the Bronx neighborhood of Riverdale.

Later Larry achieved the American dream when he purchased his first home in South Hackensack, N.J. He and his wife were blessed with two beautiful girls. They worked hard to maintain their homes and make a future for their children but found that the high property taxes and lack of great schools to be a burden.

After a few trips to the Poconos, they finally decided it was here they were going to be able to offer their children the best possible future. So they bought their dream home in Effort in 2005 and have been very happy ever since.
Larry worked in the hospitality industry in NYC for 25 years. While working he kept himself busy with other projects. He has owned several restaurants and has been a real estate investor.

Finally, he made the big decision to become a real estate agent and it was thrilled to join the Pocono Mountains Real Estate. He, along with all other dedicated real estate professionals at Pocono Mountains Real Estate strives to offer their clients the best services possible. His experience as an investor as well as fluency in English, Spanish and Romanian could be a great help to clients and is offered wholeheartedly.


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